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April 2020

Dividend Investing 2020: A Short Guide

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If you are interested in investing in the stock market, then you might have heard of dividend investing. Yet how is it different from other types of equity investment, and how should it fit within an investment portfolio? In this short guide for 2020, our Lancashire-based financial planning team will be sharing some thoughts on these sorts of questions. We hope you find this content helpful. If you’d like to speak to…

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Get Ahead of the Next Tax Deadline in 2020-21

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March is often a stressful time for people as they approach the end of the tax year in April. Indeed, our financial advisers often hear regrets from people across Lancashire, wishing they’d acted sooner and maximised the tax benefits open to them. If this is the case for you, then why not start planning for the 2021 April deadline now? Your investments, savings and emotions will thank you later!…

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Pension Planning: Should I Buy an Annuity?

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Generating an income during retirement will be crucial to sustaining your desired lifestyle. Yet how exactly should you attain the funds you need? Here at Elmfield Financial Planning, we help people in Burnley and across Lancashire to answer this important question. There are many ways to generate a retirement income, and each option might be more or less suitable depending on your unique financial goals…

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Does Your Business Have the Right Key Person Protection?

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At present, the UK faces an immense period of business uncertainty in the wake of the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown. Currently, the Prime Minister has ordered that nobody should leave their home except for essential purposes (e.g. buying food). Pubs, bars, restaurants and many other businesses have shut their doors for the foreseeable future. For businesses across sectors and industries, it was difficult to…

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